Comment section for each article and playthrough!

23 February 2021

After some tweaking, you can now comment on the various articles and playthrough! Share your story involving the game, tell us if you liked the video, every comment of good nature (even if it is […]

New design of the Website online!

19 February 2021

The new design for the website is now online! A much better user experience awaits you!

Privacy Policies

1 September 2020

The privacy policies page is up! I am aware that it is not the most exciting news, but I feel that it is really important that you know about our privacy policies, as we aim […]


30 August 2020

Welcome to RetroGameUp! The website can be accessed early but is in current construction to offer the best experience possible! You will see alot of features being added for the following weeks! During this phase, […]