Super Pro Football (Intellivision)

Developper : INTV

Publisher : INTV

Year : 1986


Game Description

Super Pro Football is the follow up of Mattel NFL Football in 1979. It was realized by INTV in 1986. It is the first sport game made by the company, followed by many updates of Mattel’s sport game.

In Super Pro Football, Player 1 is the Home Team and Player 2 the visiting Team It is also possible to play against the CPU and see 2 CPU playing against each other. When the CPU is chosen, you can choose between nine difficulty set-ups, which will change how fast the CPU react at any given time.

When the game start, you will see all the player going on the field and a jingle will play at the same time.

The Home team is represented by cyan player, and the black colored player is the one that can be controlled. The visitor team is represented by yellow player and a red player when it is in control.

The game mostly follows the rules of American Football. It is divided into four quarters of 15 minutes. In offense, the player can control the quarterback and throw the ball to the player of his choice. Interception is also implemented in the game and work the same way as the real game. If any team is on the fourth down, they can instead kick the ball to the goal if they are close enough.

Super Pro Football was built over NFL Football and expanded the game with more feature.

You can now see your formation on the screen directly instead of relying on an overlay. The player is also able to see the current down and the remaining timeout.

An intermission screen is present after each quarter or during a touchdown. You can see the statistic of each team, such as touchdown and interceptions as well as 2 animated commentators on the right side of the screen.

Super Pro Football playthrough

The playthrough is done on the only version of the game, the USA one. It is a CPU vs CPU match from the beginning to the end. Since it is not possible to change the time of each quarter, the default 15 minutes is used.

TAS tools were used to make this high quality playthrough video.

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