Mortal Kombat (Sega Genesis) – Reptile

Developper : Sculptured Software

Publisher : Acclaim Entertainment

Year : 1993

Type : Character playthrough

The Sega Genesis port of Mortal Kombat was developed by Probe Software and published by Arena Entertainment (in North America and Europe) in 1993 and by Acclaim Japan for the Japanese market in 1994. The original arcade game was developed by Midway and released in 1992.

Reptile playthrough

Reptile is notable to be the very first hidden character in video game history. He doesn’t have any storyline or ending, but later game mention that he was Shang Tsung’s personal bodyguard in MK1 and MK2. Most port implemented him, including the Sega Genesis port. However, he is unplayable.

The easiest way to fight him by going through the cheat menu and activating either Flag 2 or Flag 3. Then player must perform a double flawless victory, avoid using the block button (except when required by fatality) and perform a fatality at the end of the match. Doing so will bring the player to the bottom of the pit against him. Reptile keeps Scorpion name in this version, just like the arcade original.

A hack named Beta-2 July 2017 allow to play as bosses as well as Reptile. To select him, you must select the dragon symbol and press right another time.

Reptile isn’t a character technically. He is a series of flag that is set on Scorpion that turn him green, gives him access to Sub-Zero’s move and run much faster. A flag is also set to print his name when he wins a round.

Reptile has the same basic move as the two other ninja, but has access to both move set, allowing him to do the Spear, the Teleport Punch, Freeze and the Slide move. He is also able to perform the ninja fatality.

Reptile will use either Scorpion or Sub-Zero’s strategy against the CPU. Since there is no limit to the number of projectiles he can shoot, he has also a long infinite which consist of using the Spear, freeze his opponent and repeat the sequence over and over. Other combinations are possible which allow him to do practically infinite. He can also do Scorpion’s infinite in the corner. His increased speed allows him to perform combo more easily.

His mirror match is a fight against Scorpion.

While later revision of the hack gives the bosses an ending and other game fixes, this particular version seems buggy and show a black screen while the music still plays. However, the game will eventually proceed to the credits sequence.

As a side note, Reptile doesn’t have a second palette, the second player will either be yellow like Scorpion, or have the same outfit colour as himself. The CPU will also never perform the Teleport Punch special move.

As a second note, the hack author added the unused “Test your might” jingle that play when any character performs a fatality. If done at the third endurance, no music will play during the first round against Goro.

As a final note, the Sega Genesis (and Sega CD) version of Reptile is the character with the most fatalities. He can do both the censored and uncensored fatality of Sub-Zero as well as Scorpion one, giving him 3 finishing moves.

TAS tools were used in this playthrough.

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