Background animation at the end of a round

Address 0x0000D8 is a flag will activate when the round is over. However, it can be activated or turned off at anytime by either putting even value (Off) or odd value (On). This will do nothing in the other background because they don’t have any extra animation.

As soon as the address value is anything other than 00, the game will apply the flag on the CPU. This means that if for example, you change the value to 01 (Player 1) and you are fighting against a CPU Player 2, it will have the Reptile flag on and will begin to switch between Sub-Zero and Scorpion move set ID with a separate function. If the CPU character isn’t one of the ninjas, it will try to perform special move from both ninja. Sub-Zero’s ice will use the current character’s projectile, but the three other special moves will either create glitch animation or freeze the game as not every character has equivalent. This special function won’t activate for the player, which means that it is not possible to switch between move set without hacking the room directly.

Character ID

Several RAM address use the character ID for different purposes (such as the current character for player 1 and player 2). By default, it is set to 00 in every addresses. Johnny Cage is the default character. It is important to note that while Reptile has his own character slot, it only contain data related to his name and the palette. Forcing this value will freeze the game.

  • 00 : Johnny Cage
  • 01 : Kano
  • 02 : Rayden
  • 03 : Liu Kang
  • 04 : Scorpion
  • 05 : Sub-Zero
  • 06 : Sonya
  • 07 : Goro
  • 08 : Shang Tsung
  • 09 : Reptile
  • 10-FF : Invalid character (unrelated data are interpreted as fighters)

Player 1 and Player 2 character

RAM address 0x000022 is for the current character of Player 1 or CPU (Left Side)
RAM address 0x001972 is for the current move set of Player 1 or CPU (Left Side)

RAM address 0x000024 is for the current character of Player 2 or CPU (Right Side)
RAM address 0x001ACE is for the current move set of Player 1 or CPU (Right Side)

In the actual fight, each character is set up by two RAM addresses. One is reserved for the ID of the character. The value will load everything related to the name, portrait, palette and ending sequence of the ID. The other address is the ID of the move set. Move set contains all the data related to what the player can do with the character (animations, moves, special moves, fatality, palette and voice samples). Normally, both value should be the same. The only indented exception is for reptile. Mixing value will cause the character to use move sets of other characters. While every basic move has equivalent in the playable cast, this is not the case for special move and fatality, which will often freeze the game or show glitched animation. Attempting to give regular character move set ID corresponding to bosses or vice versa will also cause many glitches. Curiously, it is possible to do the same with invalid character (for example, having a character ID of 05 (Sub-Zero) and the move set of ID AF (Glitch character).

CPU Shang Tsung (ID 08) using Scorpion's move set (ID 04) with Reptile Flag activated

Reptile's flag

Address 0x0002C1 control the Reptile Flag. When activated, it will cause either Player 1, Player 2 or both to have Reptile’s name and green palette applied, even if the current character is not a ninja. Internally, it will load data from his character ID, but wont change any Player character or move set ID.

  • 00 : Off
  • 01 : Player 1 (Controlled by player) or CPU on either side
  • 02 : Player 2 (Controlled by player) or CPU on either side
  • 03-FF : Both player/CPU

Two backgrounds in the game feature unique animation when the round is over : The Courtyard and the Throne Room. In the Courtyard, the monks will applaud the winning player while Shang Tsung himself will clap his hand in the Throne Room.